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Learn How to get a Girl To Kiss You

Learn How to get a woman to kiss you. You all must kiss several time to your all known dear person of your life because Kissing is the unique & best ability to show or express love felling & gratitude towards others. but many times you all will your near dear ones kiss come and kiss you but most of the time you fail. To get kiss from girls your need some special kinds of guts & tricks to get kiss that makes your girlfriend to kiss you. If your are missing with such type of tips & tricks, then you must follow our blog. Below are the best tricks which surely gone work for getting girls to kiss you at any moment. Top 10 kissing Tips & Kiss Facts Techniques for Girl or Guy

How to get a Girl kiss you

Every guy desires to get a kiss from her girl, or you can say a girl whom you like or love.  but fails most of the time so need not to worry because below is the guide will help you to get kiss from your girlfriend, wife, friends etc.

how to get a guy kiss you

how to get a guy kiss you

1. Be active and funny : Girls like guy who are funny and active while talking and hanging out with them. Even girls like your sense of humor, how actively you talk and responds to them.  Make her happy and laugh, Smiling will put both of you in a better mood. It’s contagious and tricks the mind.

2. Have some hangout or outing with her : You must hangout with her or in simple words you must you got out with her. You must go out with her, must go to place where she like or comfortable with like watching a movie, studying, getting dinner, or going snowboarding, or going for a swim. you must also pick a location where you can get some privacy, and where you can spend hours together with disturbance.

3. Stay neat & tidy (Kissable) : You must be ready for instant kiss. You should be stay neat & tidy, girls like guy who are properly dressed and hygienic, and also use some sweet & light fragrance perfume. You must brush your teeth or use some mouth fresheners before you meet her.  so that smell nice.

4.  Touch romantically :  Be open and bold touch him several times in best manner, holds her arms or hands, touching is perfect indication of showing your love towards her. Let her know you think she’s special. Compliment her on her looks, her style, her humor—let her know the things you like about her. If she compliments back, move a little closer to her. If she leans in, put your arm around her. brush your hands on her hands and if you are sitting alone, be close to her.  catch your attention towards her lips.

5. Compliment and focus :  A guy must be focus on eyes and lips of girl. Be focused and confident look deeply into her eyes, because girls like boy full of confidence. Look in her eyes and then briefly look at her lips. Make sure she is looking at you when you do this, and make sure you are smiling. Focusing will make her easier to read. Knowing if a girl wants to kiss is half the battle. Compliment about her lips, dresses and attitude because girls like compliment about their beauty most.

6. Know if she is also willing to kiss you : Give her indications by touching and looking deep into her and if she lean backs and start flirting with you then continue with your kiss. but remember If she turns away, that means she doesn’t want to kiss! Don’t attempt it again until you know she is comfortable with it and actually wants it.

7. Get her in the mood : To get her in mood, Hold her hands and play with her fingers. Clasp her fingers with yours, and just stroke her palm or her forearm. Even if she’s confused about what you’re up to, she’ll start to calm down and get right into the mood.

8. Kiss on cheek : First of all you must give her a kiss on her cheek. If she takes the hints and flirts back, or If she blushes or smiles, you’re on the right track, lean in for a kiss. If she feel shocked about kissing on her cheeks, then stop at very same moment.

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If you got the kiss : Just be Relaxed and give her a lovely hug. giving her hug after kissing her will make her trust you more.

How to get a girl kiss you :



How to get a boy guy kiss you

How to get a boy guy kiss you

How to get a boy guy kiss you

Girls shy more to get kiss from your guy, boy, bf or hubby and if want them to kiss you first and even if you also lie among the same the group then you must follow the guide given below.

1. Be sure you breath smells goods nice : Kiss simply locking your lips to other or your partner make lips and your mouth smells are the most important things which could smells nice you must brush up and use some mouth fresheners before you meet your partner while dating.

2. Your lips should be attractive :  You must use lip balm or lipsticks in front of your guy just to seduce and make him looks towards your lips. you should bite your lips and always have smile while talking to your guy. He must be attracted towards your lips.

3. Get closer and be touchy with him : You must stay close to him and must be keep touching while your conversation with him. You should give him clues by simply touching again and again to your guy. Most of the time boys thinks you are not comfortable with physical contact to guy.  you must brush your legs while sitting and must catch his hands while laughing and walking. You must, Try giving him a playful push, brushing your fingers through his hair, holding his hand or giving him a spontaneous hug. He’ll immediately feel more comfortable around you and hopefully get the message that you’d like to take things to the next level.

4. Be at right location (alone) & Outing :  You must find a right place like park theaters, cafe corner booth, shopping complex corner etc. be closer to him and make sure your siblings, friends, are no longer closer to you. through out your chat you must compliments his dressing sense and jokes too.

5. Face expression, smile and Eye contact :  Your expressions, eye contact and smile matters a lot. You must make your eye contact, smile a lot and be sure your looks should be flirty. Be confident, make more and more eye contact, give deeply looks into his eye and then suddenly gaze his lips. compliment about his lips and make sure he taking all your action seriously.

6. Be Bold & Direct Ask him to kiss : Some time you need to bold and confident because many guys like, You should should ask him directly by  sayings words like: Kiss me, Go ahead what are you waiting for?? or Speak into his ear kiss me.

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Speaking directly to your guy can also help you in many manner like you will came to know whether a guy is shy or not. what actually he wants from you, you know what i mean whether a lust or love.

How Get a guy kiss you video tutorial : 


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