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Top 10 kissing games for Girls

kissing games for girls : Hey Every One are you People eager to play your favorite game or thing which you love to do practically..!!  Yes yes You are going right, I m talking about Kiss. Of-course “Kiss” word sounds very nice and even we all human being enjoy kissing each other, whether its your partner, kids, teacher, brother, sister, parents, friends etc etc. Now a days kiss has gone to another level and people have started Playing & enjoying kissing games. Are you people searching for Kissing game which you can play and enjoy it on your laptop, desktop, ios, tablets and android etc. You can enjoy below the best-est collection of the kissing game which you can play.

Kissing Games for Girls | Android

Kiss Games For Girls In Bed

Publisher: GP Sahoo – January 6, 2015
Category: Puzzle
Feature : This free kiss game is built to create a love and romantic environment around the player. It features love and kiss cards. This is also a timed game where you have to test your skills and solve the puzzle within the time period. The first round in this game is 120 seconds and each successive rounds have 10 seconds less, which increases game difficulty.


Kissing game for girls on bed

Kissing game for girls on bed

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Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game

Publisher: Top Trending Apps, – May 15, 2014

Category: Lifestyle
Feature : The newest kissing scanner is finally here to measure the percentage of your kissing skills and to show you what kind of kisser you are!  Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game is a new love calculator game for couples that brings lots of fun and good mood!
Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game

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Princess Kissing

Publisher : Girls Apps

Category : Kissing games

Features : Cute and beautiful game art, Nice characters, User-friendly interface and intuitive control. fall in love with a Prince Charming! Fantasy kingdom emergency will help every pretty girl

princess kissing game

princess kissing game

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Kiss in Moving Car
Publisher : DatTray – November 6, 2014
Category  : Casual
Description : Pucker up for a delicious kiss with your sweetheart in the taxi of love. Get kissing in these hot romance games! Kiss in Taxi Cab (Romance Game) is a game with 4 levels. Click and hold on the couple to make them kiss. Stop clicking when the pop-up appears. Dare to pucker up with your sweetie… in a cab!
kiss in a moving car
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How to French Kiss

Publisher : Floor Girls

Description: The timeless symbol of romantic passion that We see it in movies, hear about it from friends, see it happening at parties, and read about it in books and magazines. Want to know the secret tips and tricks about how to French kiss?

french kiss game

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Kissing in Cinema Hall

Publisher :  DatTray – November 4, 2014

Description: There have been songs made about kissing in front of the big screen. Since it is so special you and your love have decided to see how special it really is. Make sure you kiss more than once to get the real special feel of it. There is only one thing you need to worry about and that is the other people in the cinema, make sure they do not spot you kissing or your will get kicked out.

 Kissing in Cinema HallPlay game Click Here>>>


Kissing Game: first date
Publisher : VizzGames, April 11, 2014

Description : Secret Kiss , It’s creative Funny , and easy operation . Help them kiss but be Careful ! The object of the game is to help these lovers kissing . try to kiss in Garden, Bar,Streets or any other place that you want to. Remember to release before get caught .And make sure other people is gone !

 Kissing game first datePlay game Click Here>>>


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